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wait. so who is hercules?

iroh? mako? bolin? korra?

  1. raiitoningu answered: Korra or Bolin (I dunno. Both seem perfect to be him)
  2. princeasimdiya12 answered: I’d go with Bolin. He fits the criteria of the adorkable super hunk who would look gorgeous in that outfit.
  3. fantasticdinos answered: Bolin, please. Give me this. Tell me Bolin can be hercules.
  4. kowabungalow answered: all powerful demigod? totes korra.
  5. spider-lin-beifong answered: Korra usually
  6. merelei answered: Iroh the first :D
  7. drunkoncactusjuice answered: Korra of course! Or maybe Iroh. Or Bolin. But as someone already said, Korra has the super strength so it would fit better I guess…
  8. plucky-princess answered: All of the above.
  9. sogwod answered: Bolin, definitely! He’s strong and dorky and adorable. :D
  10. eowyn-daughterofkings answered: IROHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UNF
  11. caenu answered: BOLINCULES
  12. ssuyinbeifong answered: korra and asami is megara
  13. lariren-shadow said: Or it can be Korra and Asami is still indebted for Mako.
  14. lariren-shadow answered: If it’s Iroh then Mako can be the guy she’s indebted to Amades for.
  15. takashi981 answered: I’d say korra… I mean she has superhuman strength right..??
  16. peterquillspacebro said: Bolin would be an adorable Hercules. He’s just dorky and sweet enough
  17. laurabundin answered: IROH
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