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LOK Disney Madness Week - Day 2 - Irolan

Iroh stood in front of the gate to their home and took a deep breath. He still had no idea how he was going to face his grandfather.

Part of him knew it was ridiculous. After all, he had stolen his grandmother’s armor, impersonated a Kyoshi Warrior, deceived his commanding officer, dishonored the United Nations army, destroyed Emperor Tenzin’s palace, and saved all of Republic City. Seeing his tea-loving grandfather, the one who had raised him to be the man he was today, should not make him so nervous.

Watching General Asami as she drilled them through her morning exercises? Yeah, that had made him nervous (among… other things…). Fighting Amon on the palace roof? That had made him nervous too. But neither of those things made him as anxious as he felt right now, standing at the front of the place he had called home for all his life, the place he had abandoned in the middle of the night so he could protect his grandfather.

He opened the gates, took another deep breath, and stepped forward to meet his fate.

Grandfather Zuko sat beneath his favorite tree, tossing bits of stale bread to the turtleducks that chirped and splashed in the pond in front of him.

He looked very old.

Iroh walked closer, and Zuko glanced up, the bit of bread falling from his hand at the sight. It tumbled toward a turtleduckling, who snatched it up hungrily in its beak. Iroh felt awkward but found his body moving closer.

Zuko coughed. “Iroh…”

And Iroh knelt before his grandfather, lowering his eyes. He thrust out the intricate, sturdy mask he’d been given.

“Grandfather. I brought you the mask of Amon—” He laid the mask in Zuko’s lap and quickly removed the Air Nomad pendant from around his neck, holding it out as well. “A-and the crest of the Emperor. They’re gifts… to honor our family.”

Zuko let the mask and pendant fall to the grass as he, too, fell to his knees, tears brimming against his old, amber eyes. Iroh hadn’t realized he was trembling until his grandfather’s arms pulled him close, held him tight, and stilled him. 

Iroh felt the lump in his throat, and he too let himself shed a tear as he listened to the words he’d been wanting for so long.

“The greatest gift and honor… is having you for a grandson.”

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